Professional Roofing

Roofing in Coastal Virginia has become commoditized and homeowners are conditioned to go for the lowest price. Unfortunately in many cases this strategy can become very expensive if the “Lowest Bid” doesn’t take all the factors into consideration.

Homeowners are unaccustomed to ask to see a contractor’s insurance paperwork, and likely even if they asked for it would most truly understand it and be able to determine validity.

As far as Job management, many homeowners don’t ask how the project will be managed and who will be responsible for issues or supervising to make sure all the technical areas of the roof and ventilation are addressed properly.

Additionally not all shingles are created equally and thus each home has unique areas that require special attention to detail. Often many contractors don’t address these issues and as a result leaks and deterioration can occur down the road.

The Restoration Way is to properly educate the homeowner on the process specific to their roof and utilize the right products in the right places. Restoration Exteriors prefers to use ATLAS Shingles with the NO ALGAE LIFETIME WARRANTY backed by 3M-SCOTCHGUARD….This is due to the high algae content in the Coastal Virginia area! However we have relationships with all the manufactures and will gladly use a shingle you have picked out.

Please allow Restoration Exteriors to assist in your education and help you determine what is the best solution for your home!