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Vinyl siding has long been the choice of homebuilders for exterior cladding of newly built homes. To that point, roughly 76% of the marketplace is saturated with homes that have vinyl siding. While your builder may have made your home look fabulous on the day it was purchased, now may be the time for a facelift. Have you looked at your homes’ siding lately? Does your vinyl sided home look old, warped, or outdated? Here are a few possibilities as to why…

Not all Vinyl Siding is created equally, and sadly enough, not all siding installation is done properly. Most siding that is installed when a home is originally built is “builder grade” and really is NOT meant to last. Most “new construction” builders using vinyl exterior products are looking to have the “nicest” look for the “lowest” cost…and they achieve this by using new, yet very thin, vinyl siding.

In everyday terms, vinyl siding is measured in thickness:

  • .038-.040 Builder Grade
  • .042 Good
  • .044 Better
  • .046 Best

From a basic pricing perspective, the thicker the panel, the more it costs…And, the performance between each thickness level will be noticed on your home for years to come.

Vinyl Shake siding is another vinyl siding category very specific to the design elements a homeowner is looking to achieve. As is the case with “lap” vinyl siding mentioned above, various product choices exist at various price-points.

To summarize, not all vinyl siding is created equally. Give Restoration Exteriors a call and we’ll be happy to assist in your education and help you better determine the right solution for your home!