Replacement Windows & Doors

Does the window “salesman” confuse you?…US TOO!!!

Replacement windows can be one of the most misunderstood home improvements due to the volume of information and misinformation available. At Restoration Exteriors, we will help educate our clients in a simplified manner to help them understand the replacement window selection and installation process for windows & doors. We understand that whether you need a replacement window or a new-construction window, the options can be confusing. But, with our vast knowledge and experience, we will guide you to the proper window for your homes’ specific installation needs.

We are proud to offer The Restoration Exteriors Replacement Windows by VinylMax. This high quality vinyl replacement window has been selected by Restoration Exteriors for its’ superior construction and aesthetics. We also offer Pella replacement windows for those clients who prefer a fiberglass or clad window.

Enhance your home both visually and efficiently with unparalleled design and performance with replacement windows by Restoration Exteriors.


  • Cove molded sash detail replicates the look of classic wood replacement windows.
  • Traditional stepped Biomaxx composite locks and keepers are 50% tougher than standard die-cast hardware while remaining lead-free and color-true, without fading, warping or chipping.
  • Dual Function partitioned sloped sill forms a negative pressure pocket that keeps sashes securely in place and water flowing away from your home, even during the most adverse weather conditions.
  • Shadow grooved sash welds replicate the classic look of mitered wood corners.
  • IdeaSeal™ triple protection weather seal keeps the indoor and outdoor environments separate with an integral interlock, sill compression seal, and multiple rows of weatherstripping.
  • Ashland G3 pivot true balance system utilizes stainless steel coils making sash operation smooth, effortless and whisper-quiet.